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I consented to view gf having a threesome with two males — however it had been intolerable

Saturday, September 19th, 2020

I consented to view gf having a threesome with two males — however it had been intolerable

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  • Deidre Sanders
  • Agony Aunt
  • 18 Aug 2018, 19:55
  • Updated: 19 Aug 2018, 6:22
  • Deidre Sanders
  • Agony Aunt
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DEAR DEIDRE: we consented to view my gf making love with other males nonetheless it has ruined our relationship.

We had been speaking after having sex one evening and she described her fantasy that is sexual.

She stated hers, she would let me do mine as well if I agreed to do. She stated she had constantly wished to have intercourse with two other males while her partner watched. I became gobsmacked.

I didn’t like to rock the watercraft therefore I stupidly said yes. I will be 29, this woman is 28 and now we have already been together for 36 months.

We now have always had a sex that is good and I also thought it had been satisfying sufficient for all of us both.

We did concur guidelines, however, such as for instance making use of condoms with no kissing or cuddling these males a while later. I desired become clear it absolutely was solely a thing that is sexual no emotions included.

She arrange it and as opposed to have strangers, she brought in 2 male buddies. While I became viewing, they broke most of the guidelines she had guaranteed. She fondled and kissed them both plus they declined to make use of condoms.

After five full minutes i really couldn’t stay any longer and sought out of this space. We heard her state she would definitely speak to me personally.

I left the flat before the following day. My gf had been furious.

She stated I’d ruined the evening but did acknowledge the men addressed her like a bit of meat.

It creates me feel ill each and every time i do believe I have been sleeping on the sofa since about it and.

She’s got now said she stopped using the Pill during the right time, due to the fact potential for conceiving a child by certainly one of them managed to make it more exciting. (more…)