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16. Deep Space Waifu

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

16. Deep Space Waifu

Deep Space Waifu places you in charge of King Bear (yeah, we’re perhaps not too certain either), on their quest to make use of some form of inter-galactic tinder software on their phone to, and I also quote, “save those poor girls from the alien clothing threat! ”

That is really a shmup that is exactly about the clothes down giant anime females going swimming in area. The game play is enjoyable, the sound recording is solid, plus the visuals are of a top-quality.

Furthermore, there’s some extra DLC for Deep Space Waifu you could get from the inexpensive in the event that 13 feamales in the game that is main enough to help keep you pleased.

Deep Space Waifu could be a somewhat various take on the adult genre on Steam, however it’s still a pretty fun game the same… particularly if you enjoy shooting clothes down enormous anime females.

17. Wolf Tails

Often, normal anime girls simply aren’t sufficient. Sometimes, you require two anime feral wolf-girls rather. If that seems like you, Wolf Tails may be the game you’re trying to find.

Looking to have discovered your self a calm cabin in the forests, your character has kept civilization and aspirations of being alone. That is, until a wolf-girl seems at your late one night in need of shelter day.

Having restored from her disease, she starts to make by herself in the home, in the place of going on her behalf method needlessly to say. (more…)