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Shades of Grey: Blurring the black colored areas of danger/white areas of safety

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Shades of Grey: Blurring the black colored areas of danger/white areas of safety

It really is typical cause that all lesbians face a point of stigma, discrimination and physical physical physical violence because of their transgressing hegemonic sex and sex norms. Nevertheless, the amount of these vulnerability to violence and discrimination varies on such basis as competition, class, sex performance, age and location, amongst other facets. Mirroring the literary works to a big level, the lesbian narratives in this research concur that black colored, butch presenting, poorer, township dwelling lesbians had been at greater chance of experiencing stigma, discrimination and physical violence predicated on gender and sex. This might be as a result of the compound effect of misogynoir 5 (Moya BAILEY, 2010, 2013) and patriarchal heteronormativities (Scott LONGER et al., 2003; Nonhlanhla MKHIZE et al., 2010; Eileen DEEP, 2006).

Bella, a black colored, self-identified femme lesbian from the Eastern Cape everyday lives in the home that she has in Khayelitsha, a black colored township in the Cape Flats, together with her partner, three kiddies and cousin. Her perceptions of exactly exactly what it really is prefer to call home being a black colored lesbian in Khayelitsha are illustrative of just exactly how townships are usually regarded as being heteronormative, unsafe, unwanted areas for black colored lesbians and gender non-conforming women:

Khayelitsha in addition to other townships … need to complete one thing to carry the group straight right right straight back because genuinely, around where I stay there is not one room where we’d, ja, where we could for instance hold your partner’s hand, kiss if you need to without people evaluating you funny. … as well as program places like Dez, that you understand is just a homosexual friendly area, and individuals get there and be who they really are. (more…)