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Req: a few senior high school au for every user? May be smut or fluff!

Friday, September 25th, 2020

Req: a few senior high school au for every user? May be smut or fluff!

Their terms immediately pierced me personally, and I felt my breathing hitch in my own neck as my own body instantly froze over. Had I heard him properly? The Jungkook I knew would only ever state just how much he hated my guts. Still, that didn’t stop my belly from performing a constant somersault and my heart from virtually leaping away from my upper body.

“I adore you, god I’m so deeply in love with you, ” Jungkook started once again, overloaded with emotion. “i enjoy the way in which your eyes illuminate when you’re excited, I adore the manner in which you sing to yourself once you think nobody’s paying attention. I enjoy that you believe easily and don’t allow anybody inform you what you should do, it doesn’t matter what. Everyone loves the known proven camcontacts fact that you’re stubborn and argumentative and hotheaded and erratic and temperamental. Everyone loves that you’re perhaps not my perfect kind, that you’re not the things I want. I like me positively crazy and also make me personally the angriest individual on the planet. Which you drive” We giggled, and I also felt among the rips that were accumulating in my eyes spill throughout the advantage before he proceeded. “i enjoy that you’re you, it every other method. Because I would personallyn’t want”

There clearly was a look to my face, a grin that i possibly couldn’t control, a grin that made my cheeks hurt and my face get numb. We felt another solitary tear roll down my cheek, and because it caught regarding the curvature of my lips Jungkook leaned down seriously to kiss it well. (more…)