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Russia Cracks Down On North Caucasus Wedding Gunfire

Sunday, April 26th, 2020

Russia Cracks Down On North Caucasus Wedding Gunfire

Putin’s celebration wants to ban weapon salutes at old-fashioned North Caucasus nuptials, where wedding that is stray are causing mayhem. ?

Anna Nemtsova

Mikhail Metzel / AP

A caravan of automobiles with tinted windows and streaming ribbons stretches across the highway. Drum music accompanies the proud procession; gun-shot salutes ring down, calling next-door neighbors to participate the event that is happy. Guests gather outside within the courtyards of apartment structures to clap, fire down more guns, and cheer. Partners perform the Lezginka, the old-fashioned party of this area.

This might be a normal scene for a wedding within the North Caucasus, as well as several years, one seldom seen outside of the remote, mountainous land. But as Muslims through the area have inundated into main Russia, they’ve brought their traditions with them—and the nuptials are causing a public uproar into the country’s major metropolitan areas, where residents are terrified to be hurt by stray wedding bullets. (more…)